Wish Upon a Star Diamond Ring

Wish Upon a Star Diamond Ring

Our stunning Wish Upon a Star collection captures the celestial power of shooting stars. This sparkling ring embodies the essence of a wish, the belief that anything is possible. So, just close your eyes and wish for your dreams to come true: Dreams for happiness. Dreams for success. Dreams for love. A diamond-accented eight-pointed star rests in the center of this wide split shank ring. The main star points that aim up, down, and side to side are longer, each accented with three graduating diamonds. Four shorter star points, each with a singular large diamond filling them, separate the longer points of the star. The star's center is round, featuring a center stone with a halo. Additionally, the shank of the ring splits into three separate bands: The center band is straight and meets up with the side to side star points. The two other bands are embellished with diamonds and angle outwards, connecting to the up and down star points, forming a symmetrical kite-like shape to the ring. This 14K white gold diamond ring has a wonderful contrast between the bright sparkling diamonds and polished golden tones of the metal, creating a playful yet elegant ring design that you are sure to cherish forever.

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